The IRS Is Powerful — Don’t Go It Alone

Preparing your own taxes is a task feared and detested by many. Between complicated forms, confusing tax rules and ever changing laws it’s not hard to see why hiring a professional accountant to handle your taxes is a great benefit.

The Accounting Firm of New Jersey Certified Public Accountant Hy Appelbaum will review your income and expenses and prepare your taxes, completing all required forms and taking into account deductions and credits to which you are entitled.

Your Home May Save You Money

We can also help you get the straight facts on how your recent home investment can save you money. Services include:

  • Review of your selling and moving expenses
  • Finding the best ways to deduct the principal interest paid on your home
  • Handling the complexity of filling in two states
  • Review of capital gains from the sale and purchase of a home
  • Application of mortgage acceleration & equity enhancement
  • Estate and tax planning for future tax savings?

We’ll Dig to Save You Every Dollar

It’s our job to keep up with the changing tax laws and make sure you get the biggest refund you have coming.

Please call us to schedule a personal appointment today. We will use our 20 years of tax consulting experience to claim every allowable deduction. Free initial consultation.